Ever wondered how to get started on your big life goals?

I read this article the other day by Jessica Stillman on how to get started on those really big life goals that you always put off, procrastinate over or simply don’t know how to begin. It’s such a simple idea but oh so powerful.  Now it’s just finding the will, time and courage to get started!!

Diwali in Brisbane

Decided to head to Chinatown on Saturday night for Diwali celebrations in Brisbane! At first it seemed a bit quiet but when we returned later after having dinner, it was buzzing with Indian music playing, dancers on-stage and people soaking up the atmosphere. After a while, the crowd began to move towards an open area where large fire crackers were ready to be lit.  Everyone waited in suspense. I was standing amongst a group of young Indian guys who were laughing and joking together. I could almost imagine I was somewhere in India which brought back great memories of my travels there in 2006.  When the firecrackers went off, the noise was deafening as they burnt down. That was very exciting for Leo of course and he was still talking about it this week.

Big Boy’s Bed

We’ve had our first real test of our parenting style over the last couple of weeks with the transition of Leo to a toddler bed. Andrew removed the sides of the cot a couple of months ago and for the first few days, it took quite a while to get Leo to stay in his bed and go to sleep.

But for the next month he settled into a routine where he would happily go to sleep himself after several bedtime stories, fulfilling his requests for his water bottle and a soft toy, perhaps a bed-time song and a number of ‘good-nights’ paraphrased in various ways. However, we congratulated ourselves on the relatively smooth adjustment.

First mistake: Never underestimate the capacity of a toddler to change at the drop of a hat.

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